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"Aspex Software sell great educational software, including a big hit in Year 5: Spex"  Brookfields School London



"Spex is Ace! but I guess you already knew that!"

M.T.B Teacher



"Spex + is my favourite game. I like spex because it is cool and you get to design a setting like a room or a road."  Year 5 pupil 



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FabLab ModelMaker


SilhouetteSD Desktop Fabricating Machine

Fabricate ModelMaker designs using a SilhouetteSD

"FabLab ModelMaker gives children the chance to be thinkers, planners, problem solvers, designers, inventors, mathematicians and engineers!"


More about SpexWorlds!



SpexWorlds! is series

of kids design games,

highly creative

and educational!



More about SpexClassic



"me and Julie designed a bedroom in Spex and it was really wicked, it was fun and really excellent ..."




Shapes and Nets


"I have a lot of fun playing

with Shapes and Nets!"


More about Shapes and Nets





An excellent vector drawing software for PC’s, and really easy to use!


More about Draw


Educational Software

The primary purpose of Educational Software is self learning, and at Aspex we design our software so that the learning element just happens while children are having fun!

Press Release:

Bring STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) alive!

Design your idea, print it, and manufacture it with the aid of an inexpensive Craft ROBO or Silhouette Fabrication machine ...


How Aspex Educational Software Improves skills Educational software programs like these show children  ...


Aspex Supplies Educational Software through Tesco to Schools and Clubs  It's great that RM selected Aspex to supply our education software titles for this new ...



Computer Modeling in the ICT curriculum. At KS 1 children are expected to ‘use IT-based models or simulations to explore aspects of real or imaginary  ..


3D Shapes and Computer Modeling.

At school, there are few Educational Software 3D modeling packages ..

Educational Software, you either Love it or Hate it! It's not such a long time ago that educational software was a very new kind of product, and yet now it has  ...


Can Educational Software Compare with Embroidery?

A generation ago educational software was a luxury item which schools did not budget for...


What is Computer Modeling? Computer modelling using children's educational software like Spex stimulates them to ask questions ... 


Computer Modeling in the ICT curriculum. At KS 1 children are expected to ‘use IT-based models or simulations to explore aspects of real or imaginary ...

Can't find the educational software you are looking for?


Aspex Software develops within a vastly broader industry that produces educational software for every curriculum area you care to think of, whether it be animation software, data, music or special needs software, and much more.


Take a look at these UK educational software companies who have built distinguished reputations in their fields over many years and supply educational software to schools and for home learning in the UK and all over the world.


What is Educational Software?

As an introduction to educational software this page focuses on technology and manufacturing and on the specific curriculum area of Design and Technology in order to highlight the more general argument for investing in quality educational software as an essential component of children's education in schools.



 Room design made in the children's house design software SpexWorlds!

The good old days

At any time and place there is usually a consensus of opinion about the areas of study that should be covered in the education of children. For well bred young ladies in nineteenth century England, watercolour painting, music, French and needlework were considered to be highly desirable accomplishments, whereas a knowledge of mathematics and science was quite unsuitable, and therefore unattainable for most girls. The notion of a computer kitted out with education software in the classroom would have been the stuff of science fiction. Ha ha.

Things had changed by the time I went to school in the 1950’s. But not that much! In those days there was no such subject as Design and Technology as far as I knew. Well, those things did exist but they were called by other names. They came in the guise of craftwork, woodwork and technical drawing for boys, cooking and needlework for girls. Just the sight of a raffia mat or basket can transport me back to my infant classroom! But at this time these were considered to be unimportant subjects, and not academically rigorous.

The rise and rise of Children’s Educational Software

Evidently things have changed more than a little since then. Design and Technology and Information Technology have gained recognition as important elements of the curriculum, and are now taught to children of all ages and abilities as a matter of course. A great deal of time and money is now devoted to these areas, including sizeable investments in kids educational software. This represents a major shift in emphasis at school and perhaps in our perception of what we as a society hope to achieve in our children’s education.


If we want to prepare children for the outside world of technology, we need to introduce them to the methods of design and production currently used in industry. Information Technology has revolutionised both design and production methods in industry and we’ve had to find ways of exposing children to this technology as well as to other better known

applications of computers such as wordprocessors, spreadsheets and databases. In fact software for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing specially designed for children has gained wide acceptance as a useful tool in the teaching of Design Technology to children at all levels.


Design Software for Kids

Design Technology teachers are trying to encourage kids to be more aware of design from early on in their education, and to give them experience of and insight into the world of technology. Even more than most other areas of the curriculum, this is a group of subjects best learned by the practical experience of making, investigating and doing. The use of a computer and appropriate educational software for children can open up areas that they simply did not have the dexterity, resources or patience to explore before. It can enable them to produce results which are far more polished and accurate than their current ability as a draughtsman would allow. And of course it is very fast and gives them almost instant results, which helps to reduce the boredom factor. Children who have little drawing ability but who nevertheless have good design ideas will no longer be at a disadvantage. All in all, using educational software is a satisfying experience, likely to foster a child’s interest in the subject.

Appropriate design education software encourages children to think in a more critical and analytical way about the everyday artefacts around them.

For instance, how are the simple shapes like boxes or cylinders used as packaging, actually constructed? Take a set of simple shapes like a cuboid, a cone, a prism or a cylinder for example, everyday shapes that commonly surround us all. Using kids educational software like ‘FabLab ModelMaker’, or ‘Shapes and Nets’, these common 3D shapes can be drawn in 2D then viewed in 3D. They can also be ‘undone’, flattened out, and viewed as ‘nets of the shapes’ which can be printed out and put together again. The secrets of a simple cube, not-so-simple really, are instantly revealed! …Hurrah!



Children can go on to use this kind of software to generate and manufacture a large number of 3D shapes and Nets in a variety of shapes and sizes, which would otherwise have been very

time-consuming and tedious for them to try and generate by hand. They could then investigate the various shapes commonly used for packaging for example by constructing and testing different shaped boxes, perhaps with a particular product, like soap, a chocolate box or a tissue box to take home for Mother’s Day. Well designed educational software isn’t dull, it is captivating, creative and fun to play with!



The parlous state of our economy over the past year has led society to examine the possible reasons why we are not as competitive in manufacturing as we used to be. Our recent economy has been based on wealth created by the service and financial industry rather than by the traditional trade and manufacturing industry of our past and since we cannot hope to compete with the wage costs of countries like China we must rely upon technological advances, superior design and more efficient production methods to give us the ’edge’ and make us profitable. This leads to the conclusion that we can only hope to retain this ‘edge’ in the future if our children receive an education which equips them as fully as possible to live and work in the worlds of science, business and ever-changing technology. Equally each individual leaving school and looking for a career in the current very harsh climate should be much better equipped for having received a comprehensive grounding in Design Technology and information communications technology.

The moon landng 40 years on, designed with SpexWorld! Lunar.

Children’s Educational software such as Spex, SpexWorlds, Shapes and Nets, and FabLab ModelMaker used on the computer go a long way to addressing this challenge in schools, helping to make essential subjects more entertaining and enabling children to develop vital skills and produce professional looking results.

Aspex Software

Aspex Software develops content free and cross curricular educational software for children and has been supplying to schools and home users since the early 1990's. 

Our software is all about simple 3D design, we produce Spex, a package used for designing rooms and places which employs pre-made 3D shapes, and another, FabLab ModelMaker for designing 3D models using basic 3D shapes.

With Spex you can design and plan a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. Spex contains libraries of 3D furniture and fittings which are placed into the room, and the room design is visible in the plan view and in 3D. A mathematical element is present in the form of a budget, spreadsheet, bar graphs and a pie chart. Although Spex is an open ended educational software, lots of children regard it more like a kids educational game!


The latest development in the Spex series is called SpexWorlds, which comprise six kids educational software design programs; SpexWorld! House, a room design game, SpexWorld Lunar, a moon base game where kids can design a base in outer space, and there are SpexWorld! programs to design a town, design a school, design a playground and even design a tomb for Tutankhamun!


Spex has thrived on the PC in schools to become one of the most popular educational software programs around, alongside other successful programs from the UK's original developers like Topologika, Kudlian and 4Mation between them creating software for a broad spectrum of curriculum areas from music through to Maths, Literacy, animation and data programs. All of these educational software companies continue to grow their range of products today, after nearly twenty years!

Our 3D modeling software, FabLab ModelMaker, includes 3D shapes, cuboids, cones, prisms, platonic solid shapes and more. The 3D shapes can be scaled and rotated and unfolded to reveal their nets which can be built into paper models. To make a building, combine the folded net of a cuboid with a folded net of a prism. Or to build a Saturn rocket, fold the net of a cylinder together with the net of a cone. FabLab ModelMaker will also display the Orthographic Projection of a model, including both the 1st angle projection and 3rd angle projection.


'Shapes and Nets' is an education software enabling children to investigate 2D shapes and 3D shapes and nets, rotate and stretch and unfold them into the nets of the shapes.


Images can be placed on the faces of shapes, so you can print out the net of a cuboid, or some other 3D shape, with images on, cut it out and glue it together to make a paper model. In this way children can design and make boxes and other 3D shapes for packaging.

Aspex educational software programs for children are a popular choice to use in schools and also by parents for their children to use at home because they are stimulating, relevant, simple to use, and fun!


Our most recent software release is called SpexWorlds!and here is what Poppleton Primary School has to say about it:



"It is such fantastic software and as I stated I use it throughout the school from foundation stage to KS2"

Mrs C. Pallister  Poppleton Pri Sch.



Suitability of Aspex Educational Software.


Spex: 2D and 3D Children's Design software. For kids aged 4-14 plus. Design and printout.

SpexWorlds: 2D and 3D Children's Design software. For kids aged 6 - 99! Design and printout.

Shapes & Nets: Activities for investigating 2D and 3D Shapes and their Nets For kids aged 5 – 11. Investigate, printout and make.

FabLab ModelMaker: 3D Shape and Modeling software with ‘texture’ rendering. For kids aged 7-16 plus. Design it, Print it, Make It.


aspexDraw: 2D Vector Drawing program developed for primary and secondary schools.


Aspex Software looks after its customers

"I cover seven schools on my patch for IT services and often need to talk to educational software companies like yours when glitches happen. You know the score, loads of software on biggish networks, you get problems from time to time.

It was so refreshing to get straight through to someone who was prepared to listen and then put into place some direct help. Usually after ten to fifteen minutes being transferred round the world, I get someone who is not that customer focussed. The school I was at, at my request had a phone put in the IT suite - there's no mobile signal in most of the schools, rural showed how effective telephone support can be. My most favourable comment is that you listened to what I had to say and responded with support AND encouragement.

Please pass this on to your management:


"I will certainly make sure my schools know how 

highly I rate working with Aspex Software."                                                                   

                    M.F. Somerset ICT Services







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