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 Download FabLab ModelMaker  for Windows



  Download ModelMaker for Windows 57 Mb - msi





Download FabLab ModelMaker  for Mac OS X



  Download ModelMaker for Mac OS X 58 Mb - dmg




Free Software Downloads

Downloads on this page are free and will run for an unlimited number sessions of about ten minutes each. The free FabLab ModelMaker installed on your computer can be upgraded at any time by purchasing a licence key to fully activate the software.


The current version of FabLab ModelMaker is V2.3.1.202


Download FabLab ModelMaker on a PC:
On clicking the download button a window appears asking 'Do you want to run or save this file'. It is recommended to select 'Run'. Choose 'Run' in any further confirmation windows.


Download FabLab ModelMaker on Mac OS X:
On clicking one of the download buttons, the application will automatically start downloading. On completion of the download, drag the FabLab ModelMaker folder to the desired place on your hard drive.

PC Security Settings:
If the 'File Download' window does not appear you may need to adjust your security settings:

- In the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options...'
- Select the 'Security' tab
- Click 'Custom Level...'
- Scroll down to find the option entitled 'File Download'
- Ensure this option is set to 'Enable'


More Aspex Educational Software downloads

Visit the Aspex Software download page to get all other aspex educational software downloads.









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