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2D and 3D Shapes

Shapes & Nets educational software contains many 2D and 3D shapes and with activities for children to investigate them, change their properties to make them long and thin, or short and fat, translate them and rotate them. Shapes and Nets is a wonderful tool for developing spatial concepts, helping children to gain an intuitive feel for shape and space.


All activities in 'Shapes and Nets' are designed to get children investigating shapes, what they are, what they're called and what you can do with them.

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PC's and Mac OS X.


2D and 3D Shapes Investigation

Draw and colour 2D and 3D shapes with just a couple of mouse clicks.  Learn the names of all the shapes; cuboids, cones, cylinders, prisms, platonic shapes and a host of 2D polygons and shapes.  All the shapes can be rotated, but the 3D ones can be rotated so you can see how they look from different angles; or let 'Shapes and Nets' display them in the top, side, front and isometric views!



Cuboid being rotated

about it's axis

Click to rotate around a

different axis

Here is a cylinder being

stretched vertically

A cone ready to be scaled



 Shapes can be rotated 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 turn about the chosen axis...  ... or they be rotated freely using the mouse... ... or rotate the shape by a specific number

of degrees

via the keyboard ..

... then colour the shape

how you like.





... and investigate its Net Rotating a square Stretching a scalene triangle Scaling a hexagon


Learning Shapes Activities

There are eight learning shapes activities in 'Shapes and Nets' all designed to get children investigating and manipulating shapes in ways that are familiar. Making a dice for example is a great way to learn nets because it is easy to correlate a dice net with the familiar cube dice shape. Or take an every day drinks can, when making a cola can in 'Shapes and Nets' children can quickly see the connection between the net and the cylinder net, and there's lots more. Look at all these 2D and 3D shapes children get to learn in this rich and colourful education software:

equilateral triangle - Isosceles triangle - right angled triangle - scalene triangle - rhombus
trapezium - parallelogram - kite - rectangle - square


circle - ellipse - quadrant - segments - semicircle - pentagon - hexagon
heptagon - octagon - nonagon - decagon


triangular pyramid - square pyramid - pentagonal pyramid - hexagonal pyramid - octagonal pyramid
triangular prism - square prism - pentagonal prism - hexagonal prism


tetrahedron - hexahedron - octahedron - dodecahedron - icosahedron


Here are some 2D and 3D shapes laid out on the nets page ready for printing



Investigating 2D and 3DShapes:

Investigate shapes by translating, rotating,

stretching and scaling them

Learn the relationship between a shapes and their nets.

Build packaging based on the pre-designed product

packages included with the software by printing the

nets of the shapes on to paper or card.

Investigate tessellation by building tessellating

patterns of 2D shapes, both regular and irregular.

Investigate platonic shapes by building dice

with various numbers of sides.

Design a street scene from pre-made shapes,

print the nets of the street shapes and

build a town as a class project.

Become familiarised with third angle projections

for shapes and models.

Consider efficiency by thinking of different

configurations of nets on a page.


Shapes & Nets is for Mathematics

and Design & Technology pupils.

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"I have a lot of fun playing with Shapes & Nets and making all the different shapes"






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