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Net Shapes

If you had a 3D paper shape selotaped together at the seams, and then you pulled all the selotape off and laid the piece of paper out flat, you'd then have a NET of the model.


In 'Shapes and Nets' you can draw lots of common 3D shapes, and the computer then 'un-tapes' them and lays them out flat to reveal the different net shapes.


Print the net shapes to make 3D paper models, make boxes for a new  package. The nets also have tabs added to aid construction of the model.

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dice net   net of a dice


Here are  some examples of the nets of shapes found in 'Shapes and Nets'.  When Nets are initially displayed, they are automatically arranged neatly on the paper making it nice and simple for younger users, but you can still make changes by scaling, moving and rotating each one. All the nets can have a different colour or an image on each face.


The triangular based prism nets,  sphere, square based pyramid net and hexagonal prism net below have been rendered with images, and the bottom row of nets show a couple of the models found in the street activity. There are lots more nets in 'Shapes and Nets' and children become quite familiar with them as they carry out the different activities. It often takes just a simple exercise for a point to be driven home, take the dice activity for example, children are familiar with a dice, and so when they see a dice net suddenly it all makes sense!

Cube net Pentagonal prism net Pyramid net


Octahedron net triangular prism net Hexagonal prism net


Earth net Dodecahedron net Hexagonal pyramid net


Building net Building net Net of a bus


Triangular prism net
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