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What is Spex Classic?


   Spex makes Computer Modelling easy to understand.


   Spex is popular for addressing Graphical Modelling in ICT.


   Spex gets children using Mathematics.


   Spex gives children a head start with Design & Technology.


   Spex is a simple way to introduce Spreadsheet Modeling.

Spex Classic Download

Download Spex Classic for free and try it out for yourself, the program will work on PC Windows.

"Spex is Ace! but I guess

     you already knew that!"  

 M.T. Bishops Cleeve Primary School.


Spex Classic is a simple 3D design software for children. It is great for computer modelling, graphical modelling and for introducing spreadsheet modelling in both primary and secondary schools. Design rooms in a home in 2D Plan View and see them in the 3D View, use a budget, and display the objects in the design on a simple spreadsheet. 


The software is more colourful and intuitive than ever, with budgeting, 2D and 3D bar graphs and pie charts. Teachers love Spex+ and the children just wonít leave it alone! Spex has proved its worth in Design & Technology, Mathematics and for ICT QCA Unit 5a.


Children can progress from designing homes to designing loads more places;  How about designing a Street, a Garden, a Classroom, or a Swimming Pool in Geography, or bring a History project right into the 21st Century by designing a tomb for Pharoah on the computer!


Use Spex to plan and design the rooms in a house and all the other places shown below:


Simple 3D Designs:

Spex Home.

Design a kitchen or a bathroom, a bedroom or a lounge. 


Children get to grips with simple 3D design, spatial awareness, budgets and handling money, dimensions, modelling, mapping and much more.


3D View of a Spex Bedroom.

Spex Leisurepool. Design the local swimming pool with eating and changing facilities. Children plan a public building and deal with issues of health and safety, finance and aesthetics.

3D View of a Spex Pool.

Spex Moonbase.

Design a moon base consisting of moon buildings, moon cars, bio-dome and satellite dish and more moon equipment.


Spex Moonbase adds a new twist to work on space travel and the Moon.

3D View of a Spex Moonbase.

Spex Street .

Plan a street, or city block, with houses and shops, vehicles, road signs etc.


Excellent for urban development projects in Geography. Spex Street can be used to introduce mapping and symbols in 2D and 3D. 

3D View of a Spex Street.

Spex Egyptian Tomb. Become a tomb builder in the Valley of the Kings. There are  mummies, masks, wall paintings, gods and all the necessities for life in the afterworld.

3D View of a Sarcophagus in Spex Tomb.

Spex Garden.

Design a cottage garden, a formal garden with a modern detached house, or an informal garden with a thatched cottage. Spex Garden contains flower beds, fences, gates, patios, paths, a pond and many other garden ornaments.

Plan View of a Spex Garden.

Spex Shop.

Design a corner shop with food stands and checkout.


Also includes Spex Shopping so you can choose the weekly groceries and see how it all costs!

3D View of a Spex Shop.

Spex Shopping.

Go shopping with Spex, fill your virtual trolley with virtual food and pay with virtual money!


Itís fun and doesnít ruin your appetite. 



A Spex shopping basket.

Spex Classroom.

Plan a primary classroom, furniture, colour scheme and layout.


Children deal with issues of safety, cost and convenience.




3D View of a Spex Classroom.

Spex IT Room. Design an IT Room for a school with PCís, computer desks, chairs and other IT items.


Spex ITRoom Includes labels for each of the items to help pupils demonstrate awareness of the IT environment.

3D View of a Spex IT Room.

Spex Play.

A colourful variety of  items to design your own playground. 




3D View of a Spex Playground.



3D View of a Spex Bedroom.


PLan View of a Spex Bedroom.


The kitchen items are displayed on the Spex  Bar Graph


Design your room to a budget and see the effects of using different items and prices in the graphs and spreadsheet.



There are 2D, 3D graphs and pie charts



A great introduction to spreadsheet modelling


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 "Spex + is my


I like spex 

because it is cool and you

get to design

 a  setting like

a room

or a road." 


         Year 5 pupil 












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