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Very few kids educational software packages have been found to have a lasting relevance and usefulness but with SpexWorlds! Aspex has created software which kids find just as fresh and interesting as they did fifteen years ago!  That is because our software encourages kids to enjoy themselves and at the same time gain and refine skills which are vital in their education for the twenty-first century. The SpexWorlds! series are kids design games, but highly creative and educational!


Become an interior designer and transform your house!

SpexWorld! House

Room Design Game for Kids


Let your imagination run riot designing a lunar base.

SpexWorld! Lunar

Moon Base Game


Equip a tomb with all the everyday things that a King might need in the afterlife.

SpexWorld! Tutankhamun

Design a Tomb for Tutankhamun


Design the perfect playground!

SpexWorld! Playground

Design a Playground


Have lots of fun planning and designing the rooms in a school.

SpexWorld! School

Design a School


Design your dream garden, street or town, it's great fun!

SpexWorld! Town

Design a Town

SpexWorlds! Creative Software for Kids

Kids educational software such as SpexWorlds used on the computer go a long way to addressing the teaching of ICT Graphical Modelling, Spreadsheet modelling, Simulations and Design & Technology in Schools.  The software helps to make essential subjects more entertaining and enables kids to develop vital skills and produce professional looking results. Such skills include mouse control, moving and handling computer graphics, using a budget or a spreadsheet, and generating ideas for designs, all of which are fast becoming essential abilities in making a living today.

SpexWorlds! educational software for kids inspire them to use their own creativity to make personal and unique designs, perhaps a kitchen layout or a new classroom design, a futuristic moon base or a new kids playground, and more! Learning is effortless, and kids absorb important life skills while they simply enjoy the experience!

Over the years a great number of kids educational software programs have been hailed as the next ‘must have’ for homes and schools, but have been relegated to the back of the store cupboard in a matter of months. However SpexWorlds is in a completely different category, being based on Spex design software which has been established in thousands of schools since 1994. SpexWorlds is on the way to outstripping one of the longest running and most popular kids educational software ever!

Kids Design Games

SpexWorlds aren't really meant to be kids design games, but they are all about simple 3d design which are so creative and so much fun that kids think they are games!


With each SpexWorld! software kids design places like a room in the home or a classroom in a school, they can see their design in the plan view and in 3D views, perspective or orthographic, and walk around to see how it feels in their own virtual SpexWorld!


There are six SpexWorlds! ‘design games’ for kids to choose from, to design a house, a school or a kids playground, or to design a town, a lunar base and even a tomb for Tutankhamun!


Here are a few quotes from teachers and kids; "Spex is my favourite game. I like Spex because it is cool", "I see the SpexWorlds series of software as computer games, very educational ones." "that's one heck of an educational game!" 


SpexWorld! House, a room design games for kids, SpexWorld! School and Playground are simple 3d design programs which also have a kids budget, bar graphs and pie charts and simple spreadsheet facilities. The other SpexWorld! Programs contain everything you need to design a Lunar Base, design a Street, Town or Garden, and even all the artefacts one needs to build a tomb for Tutankhamun!


SpexWorld! Tutankhamun is a refreshingly different way for students to study customs and life in Ancient Egypt. Learn about life in ancient Egypt as you equip Tutankhamun’s tomb with all the everyday things: makeup boxes, bed, chariots and boats, that a King might need in the afterlife. The tomb items are based on actual artefacts found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

SpexWorld! Town, Tutankhamun and Lunar, a moon base game, are invaluable in project work for Geography, History and Science respectively. With SpexWorlds! Town your class become Urban Planners for a Geography project. With SpexWorlds! Tutankhamun they become Tomb Builders, planning and designing a Tomb for a Pharoah.


Parents buy SpexWorlds! software for their children to use at home because they have heard of the "great kids design games they use at school".


Free Educational Software downloads

Visit the Aspex Software download page to get all the latest SpexWorld! downloads and other kids educational software downloads.





"It is such fantastic software

and as I stated I use it

throughout the school from foundation stage to KS2"


Mrs C. Pallister Poppleton Pri Sch.


"There is massive learning potential

with SpexWorlds!"


DB. St Bedes School.


"Sounds a cliché but I wish that you

could have seen the class’s reaction.

An absolute buzz!"

 Teacher. Yately School



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